I. Introduction

Introduction To Tyrion

Digital marketing is a centralized industry, valued at over $377B, that is completely controlled by a handful of powerful entities. In the current paradigm, no one profits except the advertiser and the publisher (Google, Meta, Amazon). Enter Tyrion, a groundbreaking decentralized advertising ecosystem that disrupts this monopolistic trend. Tyrion allows anyone, on any platform, to leverage their reach to profit from publishing ads. This disruptive technology turns the entire world into a billboard, and every campaign into a viral masterpiece in the making.

TYRION Token. Unparalleled Utility.

At the core of this revolution, is the TYRION tokenβ€”a linchpin that not only powers the ecosystem but is also an unprecedented deflationary asset. TYRION token allows holders to earn by displaying ads on their preferred platforms, enables rewards via staking, unlocks earning via content moderation, unleashes true virality with its Tyrion Referral Program (TRP) mechanism; while burning 2% of all ad revenue. Furthermore, 70% of all ad revenue is used to purchase TYRION from the market in order to power this new paradigm.

The Largest Ad Network In The Universe

By its very nature, Tyrion unlocks advertising campaign distribution at a scale never seen before in the history of advertising. Individuals, communities, influencers, websites, web3 platforms, games, streamers, content creators--everyone has a niche, everyone has an audience, and advertisers can leverage all of these publishers to promote their campaign. Tyrion advertisers are equally diverse. Services, products, games, influencers, web3 projects--if you have a campaign, Tyrion provides an engaged, receptive, and niche-specific audience. This has allowed Tyrion to onboard some of the world's most influential platforms, and premier brands at the outset of this emerging technology.

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