1. What is Tyrion?

    • Answer: Tyrion is a decentralized advertising platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a transparent and efficient ecosystem for advertisers, Ad Publishers, and token holders.

  2. How does the TYRION token fit into the platform?

    • Answer: The TYRION token acts as the lifeblood of the entire Tyrion platform. It's utilized as the primary mode of transaction, a stake for Ad Publishers, a reward for platform contributions, and plays a role in platform governance and other vital functions.

  3. Why should holders stake their TYRION tokens?

    • Answer: Staking TYRION tokens enhances an Ad Publisher's credibility on the platform. It also allows them to participate in revenue-sharing models, where stakers earn a percentage of the ad revenue based on their stake.

  4. How does Tyrion ensure the quality of advertisements?

    • Answer: Initially, the Tyrion team will handle manual moderation and rating adjustments for Ad Publishers. However, as the platform evolves, token holders will have the ability to earn TYRION tokens by moderating and evaluating Ad Publishers and advertisements, ensuring community-driven quality control.

  5. How does Tyrion handle payments and transactions?

    • Answer: Tyrion aims to automate payments for both submitting ads and withdrawals for Ad Publishers. Initially, these processes will be managed manually, but subsequent platform updates will introduce automated systems to streamline these processes.

  6. What's unique about Tyrion compared to other advertising platforms?

    • Answer: Tyrion stands out due to its decentralized nature, enabling more transparency, community involvement, and the integration of blockchain technology. It also allows anyone, on any platform, to publish ads for profit. Moreover, it brings innovative features like Ad Publisher staking pools and a referral system to incentivize platform growth.

  7. How can I earn TYRION tokens?

    • Answer: Apart from buying them from the market, users can earn TYRION tokens through various means on the platform, including moderating content, staking with Ad Publishers, referring new users, and being active contributors to the ecosystem.

  8. What are the plans for Tyrion's development?

    • Answer: Tyrion has a structured development roadmap, starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) where basic functionalities will be introduced. Following stages include payment automation, introduction of staking and moderation, a referral system, analytics, and more leading up to the first full release.

  9. Who are Tyrion's partners?

    • Answer: Tyrion has formed strategic partnerships with major marketing firms and leading Web3 platforms. These alliances provide a bridge between traditional advertising expertise and decentralized innovation, strengthening Tyrion's position in the digital advertising space.

  10. Is the TYRION token deflationary?

  • Answer: Yes, Tyrion has introduced a mechanism where 2% of all ad revenue will be burned, making the TYRION token deflationary. This not only controls the token supply but also consistently adds value to the remaining tokens, ensuring economic stability within the platform.

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