The Tyrion MVP Beta is live as of 5PM GMT 2023-10-09

Launching Stage 1 MVP: A Beacon of Revolutionary Decentralized Advertising

Introductory Glimpse into Tyrion

As we carve a new trajectory in the digital advertising domain, we're delighted to unveil the initial stage of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Tyrion envisions a future where advertising is not just seen but is also secure, participative, and grounded in unparalleled transparency and efficiency.

The Vision

A decentralized world where content moderation is gracefully handled by a collective community and where the silos between advertisers and publishers dissolve, ushering an era of unison and shared prosperity. Tyrion embodies a world where every stakeholder, from the moderator to the publisher, is rewarded, augmenting Return on Investment (ROI) exponentially.

Challenges in the Existing Paradigm

The present advertising narrative in Web 2.0 is enshrouded with monopolistic shadows, censorship, and an intrusive invasion into private data, culminating in a disengaged viewer experience. The Web 3.0 milieu isn't exempt, tethered by restrictions and an opaque market of intermediaries marking up services, blurring transparency, and efficacy.

Unveiling the MVP - Stage 1

This marks a seminal moment as we roll out Stage 1 of our MVP, an embodiment of our initial assault against the entrenched norms of both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 advertising. An MVP, characterized by its rudimentary yet functional essence, is the precursor to the full-blown product.

What Are The Functionalities Of The MVP?

In this inaugural stage, users can sign up as advertisers or publishers, or even both, navigating through a basic interface designed for interaction. Although we envision separate portals for both advertisers and publisher, with unique analytical insights, the current MVP integrates both functionalities cohesively.

  • Users can sign up with their wallet and pay for ads in TYRION tokens

  • Advertisers can create and pay for ads

  • Publishers can create multiple advertising packages with various pricing

  • Allows for manual & automated ad matching to publishers

  • Discord & Telegram Bot Integration


Advertisers can initiate campaigns with minimal restrictions. Every ad, though initially moderated manually, is destined to be a community endeavor, augmenting the integrity and relevance of every campaign launched.


In the MVP’s current Stage, publishers are Telegram and Discord community owners, the vanguards of a future where every digital and physical platform morphs into a potential advertising canvas. The future holds the promise of an inclusive environment where every voice, every platform, finds its resonance.

Concluding Reflections

As we unveil the MVP, we are not just introducing a product but igniting a movement, where the decentralized ethos of Web 3.0 joins with the innovative spirit of Tyrion, promising an advertising future that’s not just viewed but lived, experienced, and cherished. Join us in this monumental journey where every ad is not just a message but a narrative, not just a campaign but a connection. Welcome to Tyrion, where the future of advertising is being reimagined and rewritten.

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