MVP Roadmap

MVP Roadmap: Charting the Course of Tyrion’s Evolution

Stage 1: Initial Engagement

  • Beta Testing: Execute beta tests with initial communities to gather insightful feedback.

  • Enhancements: Engage in rigorous bug fixing and enhance features for optimal performance.

Stage 2: Expansion and Integration

  • Platform Support: Roll out support for wider platforms including Twitter, YouTube, and more.

  • Community Engagement: Onboard more communities and advertisers, enhancing the ecosystem's diversity.

Stage 3: Partnerships and Payment Flexibility

  • Key Partners Onboarding: Introduce and integrate key partners to augment the platform’s capabilities.

  • Payment Options: Introduce the ability to pay with ETH, offering more transaction flexibility to users.

Stage 4: Introducing Staking

  • Staking Launch: Each publisher will feature their own staking pool, enabling $TYRION holders to augment their earnings.

  • Enhanced Earnings: With strategic staking, APY can potentially skyrocket, exceeding 200% based on pool and publisher performance.

  • Publisher Boost: Staking not only benefits holders but elevates the publisher’s stature, potentially drawing in more ad revenue.

Stage 5: Referral Program Kick-off

  • Program Launch: Rollout of the referral program enabling users to earn commissions by promoting Tyrion.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Foster an environment where the community actively participates in expanding the user base.

Beyond: Technological and Functional Enhancements

  • Credit Card Payments: Incorporate credit card payment options to enhance transaction ease.

  • Automated Posting: Introduction of a Twitter bot for streamlined and automated ad postings.

  • BASE Chain Integration: Transition to the BASE Chain for enhanced performance and functionality.

  • On-chain Dynamics: Implement on-chain moderation and publisher scoring for heightened transparency and accountability.

  • Smart Contract Upgrades: Continuous updates and audits to ensure security and efficiency.

Note: This roadmap is subject to adapt and evolve, ensuring Tyrion’s growth is responsive, dynamic, and aligned with our community’s needs and expectations.

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