$TYRION Overview

TYRION Token is a Fair Launch Token


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000


$TYRION has a 5% buy and sell tax

Why Does $TYRION Have a Tax?

Tyrion believes in the fully decentralized future that crypto promises. This means full participation from the team, and the community. It is crucial to strike a balance between short-term growth, and long-term widescale market adoption. As the Tyrion community grows, we want to ensure the possibilities for growth, development, and reach of the product go hand in hand. The tax allows us to scale up our marketing, team and development efforts significantly.

How Does It Work?

Anyone can choose to display and ad campaign from the Tyrion database. Choosing to do so earns the publisher a share of advertising revenue. Ad revenue is distributed to: The publisher, the moderator, the staker, and Tyrion.


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