III. Tyrion Token

TYRION token is the lifeblood of the entire Tyrion platform, underpinning every facet of its operation. The future of advertising, especially in the decentralized digital realm, is intricately intertwined with the TYRION token, and here's why:

Ad Revenue

Up to 82% of all advertising revenue generated by our platform is used to buyback TYRION from the market, and is split thusly:

  • 70% goes to ad publishers

  • 2% is bought back and burned

  • 5% goes to the user that referred the publisher, and the user that referred the advertiser (2.5% each)

  • 5% is distributed to stakers within the given publisher's staking pool

  • The remaining 18% of revenue is company profit

As a result of this distribution, it's in the best interest of every TYRION holder to stake their tokens, grow the ecosystem and bring on additional advertisers, publishers and holders.

Integrated Payment System

At its foundational level, the TYRION token functions as the primary mode of transaction within the platform. Whether you're an advertiser looking to broadcast a message or an Ad Publisher aiming to redeem earnings, the TYRION token serves as the unified medium of exchange. By translating all value exchanges to TYRION, the platform ensures that the core economic vitality remains tightly woven within its own ecosystem, fortifying its internal economy.

Incentive For Active Participation

The TYRION token isn't just a medium of exchange; it's a catalyst for action. Through actions like ad moderation or the evaluation of new Ad Publishers, active contributors are rewarded with a significant percentage of TYRION tokens from ad revenue. This structure not only amplifies user engagement but also underpins the platform's commitment to maintaining content quality and integrity.

Empowering Governance

The decentralized promise is upheld by the active participation of its community. By holding TYRION tokens, members earn the privilege to partake in critical platform governance. Be it setting up moderation norms or shaping operational dynamics, TYRION token holders wield influence, ensuring the platform remains truly decentralized: by the community, for the community.

Enhancing Ad Publisher Credibility (Staking)

In the Tyrion universe, the stature of an Ad Publisher holds significant weight. The TYRION token plays a dual role in this context. On one hand, it becomes a tool for Ad Publishers to stake and elevate their standing--every publisher will have their own staking pool, and the larger the pool, the more credibility a publisher has. On the other, it incentivizes token holders to endorse credible Ad Publishers by rewarding stakers, forging a symbiotic cycle of trust and reward.

Facilitating Growth and Outreach

The potential virality of the Tyrion platform is bolstered by the TYRION token. Through mechanisms like referrals, users can acquire these tokens, which propels platform adoption and diversifies the user base. As the network effect intensifies, the ecosystem's intrinsic value skyrockets, benefiting all its members.

Ensuring Platform Stability

To ensure the sustainable growth of the ecosystem, TYRION introduces strategic deflationary measures. A notable action in this direction is the burning of 2% of all ad revenue, making TYRION inherently deflationary. Such measures not only regulate the token's supply but also bolsters the perceived value of the platform, embedding resilience into the platform's framework.


The TYRION token transcends the standard definition of a cryptocurrency; it's the very backbone of the Tyrion advertising paradigm. As decentralized modalities become dominant in advertising, TYRION will undeniably be revered as the torchbearer of this revolution. Each token is more than just a digital asset; it's a stake in a future brimming with potential. As the Tyrion ecosystem expands, the influence and indispensability of the TYRION token will proportionally surge. Simply put, the future of decentralized advertising doesn't just operate on the TYRION token; it is sculpted by it.

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