II. How It Works

The Decentralized Paradigm

Tyrion is ushering in a revolutionary era of digital advertising by launching a decentralized platform that returns the power of advertisement to the hands of web3 users. By eliminating intermediaries like Google or Facebook, Tyrion democratizes the advertising space.

While the initial rollout is off-chain for MVP development and refinement, there is a roadmap in place to progressively transition functionality on-chain, ensuring a censorship-resistant and trustless ecosystem.

Ad Submission: The Start

An advertiser initiates the process by placing an Ad Request on Tyrion's website. This request includes essential ad components, from the title and body to the specific link the ad will redirect to. Initially focusing on textual ads, Tyrion will expand to accommodate images and videos over time.

Advertisers specify their ad budget in TYRION tokens and can also designate preferred Ad Publishers. This system is designed to counter spam by enforcing a minimum ad budget. If not all funds are used, the system smartly allocates any remaining budget to suggested partners. Additionally, ads can be tailored to target specific publisher categories like crypto, entertainment, finance, lifestyle or any other niche.

Moderation Phase: Ensuring Quality and Authenticity

Once the Ad Request is submitted, it undergoes a stringent moderation process. The objective is clear: ensure that the ad aligns with its target audience and is free from any fraudulent intent. Tyrion token holders undertake this moderation by voting on the ad. The weight of their vote correlates with the amount of tokens they hold. For the ad to be displayed, it must amass a particular percentage of approval within a 24-hour window.

Token holders willing to participate in ad moderation lock their tokens in a smart contract, with a 7-day withdrawal delay. This system not only guarantees a layer of security but also incentivizes participation by rewarding token holders for their voting efforts.

Matching Phase: Pairing Ads With The Right Publishers

Upon successful moderation, the ad enters the matching phase. Here, the ad is introduced to appropriate Ad Publishers, either selected by the advertiser, based on budget availability, or auto-selected by the CMS (Campaign Matching System). Tyrion's algorithm plays a pivotal role by ranking Ad Publishers according to their performance ratings, repeat advertisers, CPOA (Cost Per On-Chain Action), and niche--ensuring optimal matches for each campaign.

Display and Verification: A Transparent System

Once paired, Ad Publishers are mandated to display the ad within a 24-hour timeframe. The integrity of this system is maintained by on-chain oracles, which will eventually verify the ad's display. Advertisers will initially need to provide proof of display, with in-built mechanisms to report any fraudulent activities, ensuring that only genuine content gets the limelight.

Analytics and Ad Efficiency: Rethinking Metrics

Beyond mere impressions and clicks, Tyrion's approach to analytics centers on customer satisfaction and tangible outcomes. Tyrion also introduces a revolutionary new metric which is the first of its kind: CPOA (Cost Per On-Chain Action). This is an attribution and result based metric verifying the cost per desired on-chain outcome--whether that be purchasing a token, signing up for a web3 game platform, or purchasing a digital product. Ad Publishers' performance metrics are meticulously maintained. This visionary system elevates Tyrion from a mere ad platform to a performance-driven marketplace.

Ad Publishers: The Backbone of the Ecosystem

Tyrionโ€™s ecosystem thrives on its diverse Ad Publishers. Whether itโ€™s social media influencers, bots on platforms like Telegram and Discord, websites, physical advertising outlets, or even whale groups, Tyrion is built to accommodate all. The signup process is streamlined, incorporating both automated and manual vetting procedures to validate every Ad Publisher's authenticity. Ad publishers earn a percentage of ad revenue in TYRION token for every campaign they publish.

Ad Publisher Staking Pools: Empowering Trust and Shared Prosperity

In the Tyrion ecosystem, Ad Publisher staking pools are a groundbreaking approach to foster trust while rewarding proactive involvement. When stakeholders choose to stake their TYRION tokens in an Ad Publisher's pool, they aren't merely seeking a return on their work; they're vouching for the credibility and effectiveness of that publisher. Essentially, a substantial staking pool signals the community's collective trust in the publisher's ability to deliver quality ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). Moreover, this mechanism is intricately designed to create a symbiotic relationship between the staker and the Ad Publisher. As the publisher garners ad revenue, the staker, in turn, receives a proportionate share, aligning the interests of both parties. This dynamic not only promotes the elevation of high-quality publishers but also assures stakers of a more predictable and often lucrative revenue stream. In the decentralized world of Tyrion advertising, Ad Publisher staking pools epitomize the marriage of trust and shared economic benefits.

Viral Mechanics and TYRION Utility

Tyrion is constructed with inherent virality. Referral links empower users to promote the platform, earning a percentage of revenue in TYRION tokens from their referrals. From payment for ads, moderation, and referral incentives to Ad Publisher staking and platform governance, the $TYRION token is woven into the very fabric of the platform, driving its functionalities and ensuring its growth and security.

In Conclusion

Tyrion is more than just a decentralized advertising platform; itโ€™s a holistic ecosystem that brings together advertisers, token holders, and publishers, leveraging the power of blockchain and web3. As the digital advertising world stands at the cusp of transformation, Tyrion is leading the charge, ensuring a transparent, efficient, and democratized future.

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