A robust and transparent tokenomics structure is integral to the success and sustainability of any blockchain project. For Tyrion, we've crafted a balanced distribution model that not only fosters growth but also prioritizes community trust, team commitment, and long-term platform development. Here's a snapshot of how the TYRION tokens are allocated:

Uniswap Listing (20%):

These tokens are designated for liquidity and are locked, ensuring a stable and smooth trading experience for users on the Uniswap exchange.

Future Funding Rounds (10%):

Reserved for potential funding initiatives, these tokens will be vested once subsequent funding rounds occur, emphasizing our commitment to the project's evolution

Marketing & Partnerships (10%):

These tokens, crucial for expanding Tyrion's reach and fostering strategic collaborations, will be deployed over a 12-month span. Any unspent tokens in this category may be burned, ensuring value preservation.

Team (20%):

Reflecting our team's dedication and belief in the long-term vision of Tyrion, these tokens are vested over 12 months, promoting consistent development and innovation.

Advisors (10%):

Our advisors, instrumental in guiding Tyrion's journey, have their tokens vested over a 12-month period, ensuring their continued involvement and counsel.

Exchange Listings (10%):

Tyrion will be listed on several major exchanges.

User Rewards (20%):

A significant portion is earmarked for our users, with no locks, set to be distributed over a 4-year period. This highlights our emphasis on community engagement and rewards. Any remaining tokens in this segment may be subjected to burns, reinforcing token value.

The above tokenomics have been meticulously designed to strike a balance between immediate platform growth and long-term sustainability. As we navigate the evolving landscape of decentralized advertising, this structure ensures Tyrion's resilience and success.

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