IIII. Roadmap

Our journey towards decentralizing the advertising landscape is organized into meticulously planned stages, ensuring we remain focused on delivering value at every step. Here's a detailed overview of our development roadmap and the key milestones we aim to achieve:

Stage 1: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Ad Publishing Integration: Users can sign up and establish themselves as Ad Publishers on the Tyrion platform. Bot Connectivity: Users will have the ability to connect their platforms via Telegram and Discord bots. Ad Submission & Payments: Initial advertisement submissions and associated payments will be routed through the Tyrion team. Manual Oversight: The Tyrion team will be hands-on, executing manual moderation of ads, adjusting Ad Publisher ratings, and managing payouts to Ad Publishers.

Stage 2: Payment Automation

Automated Ad Payments: We'll introduce systems to automate the ad submission payment process, providing a seamless experience for advertisers. Automated Payouts: Ad Publishers can expect streamlined, automated withdrawal processes for their earnings.

Stage 3: Staking and Moderation

Community Moderation: Tyrion token holders will gain the privilege to moderate both Ad Publishers and individual ads, thereby earning rewards for their contributions. Ad Publisher Staking: The platform will introduce mechanisms allowing holders to stake their tokens with Ad Publishers.

Stage 4: Virality

Referral System: A brand-new referral system will be rolled out, allowing users to introduce others to the platform and earn rewards for their referrals.

Stage 5: Analytics

Data-Driven Insights: Both advertisers and Ad Publishers will gain access to comprehensive analytics, helping them make informed decisions and strategies. We will also introduce the metric that will dwarf all others--CPOA (Cost Per On-Chain Action)

Stage 6: First Full Release

Enhanced On-Chain Features: We'll integrate additional functionalities on-chain, amplifying the decentralized nature of our platform. Feature Refinement: Based on the valuable feedback of our community and users, we'll iterate and enhance our product features to perfection.

This roadmap serves as our commitment to the community and stakeholders. Each stage is designed to deliver tangible value, and as we progress, we look forward to the continued support and feedback from our users, ensuring the Tyrion platform not only meets but delivers on its promise to acquire a large market share of a $377B industry.

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